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“Maui Prep is known for its strong engineering, robotics and marine education programs.
The only United States-based boarding school that participates in an athletic league that offers surfing as an interscholastic sport.”



"Got a chance to visit this school a few months ago. Top rate & the kids were all incredibly bright. Lovely campus & amazing faculty!!!"

SI Global’s understanding of the global education market helped me to find the perfect job for my skills, and helped me to understand my employment contract as well. This wisdom and guidance helped me land a wonderful job for the last 3 years. I am tremendously excited to work with them again!Ryan Stotesbury, BC Certified Teacher currently in South Korea

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SI Global Teachers NetworkWhen you sign a contract to work overseas, you are committing, not just to a new job, but to a new city, country, language and culture. We understand the significance of this at SI Global Education, and we go the extra mile to make teachers certain of their choice. More than just a job board, we only place teacher candidates into our partner schools with whom we have developed a strong relationship and a comprehensive understanding of what they offer.
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si-schools-logoHire world class professional educators by using our job board. SI Global Education has access to a large base of international teachers reached through our global network. These skilled individuals will see your vacancies and employment opportunities by simply posting with us. Our job board will lead to experienced and knowledgeable educators ready, willing and able to travel and work in various locations, countries and communities throughout the world. Join Now to Post Jobs & Hire Teachers!

si-consulting-logoSI Global Education’s network is committed to the establishment and maintenance of International High Schools, their partnerships, Educational Exchange Programs, Student Marketing and Recruitment, Professional Development and Training, and International Program Review and Strategic Planning. The knowledge and skills required to lead in these areas ensures all partner groups or clients receive the best possible experience and support. Click here to begin working with us.

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What reasons do you have to teach overseas?
Experience a Different Culture; Broaden Horizons
Develop Valuable Professional Experience
Earn Good Money
Make A Difference In The Lives Of Global Children

SI Global Teacher Network

We Provide:
• A stable platform for you to research and discover teaching opportunities & employment.
• Support & services to ensure a great experience for the teacher and the school who employs them.
• A way to search for employment around the world.
• Upload your resume or CV to our job board.

Just as important as our relationship with our partner schools is our relationship with the teachers we place in them. We are committed to helping teachers find the placement that is right for them, and we will provide the personalized support and assistance that will make the process as smooth as possible. We can’t teach you the language, but we can guide you to the best fit for you and your career goals.

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British Columbia offshore schools are certified and inspected by the Province of British Columbia’s Ministry of Education.

Students registered within the B.C. Global Education Program at an Offshore school receive instruction in Ministry authorized curriculum, all in English, delivered by B.C. registered and certified teachers. Graduates from these programs receive a British Columbia’s Dogwood Graduation Diploma and Certificate.

SI Global Education, a recognized BC Ministry consultant, helps you get BC Offshore Schools up and running by providing a job board to assist in the recruitment of qualified teachers, and by using our many years of experience in both Canadian and International School systems.

Private International

Canadian schools offer curriculum of one of the provinces in Canada to expatriates and their children living abroad, with the purposes of preparing them for entrance into Canadian schools.

Canadian curriculum adheres to student-centered methodologies for learning. Education in Canada is regulated by provincial authorities and as such, each province decides how they will offer their curriculum in an international setting. In many cases, graduates can receive a dual diploma from their home country as well as the Canadian province’s.

Si Global Education helps your school attract qualified teachers, using our job board, by targeting these types of teachers with years of experience in the Canadian and International School system.

ESL & Language

English as a Second Language (ESL) training has become a very important factor to both international students and landed immigrants. It leads to value added opportunities as individuals integrate and move into English speaking environments.

Canada is recognized as one of the five most popular host countries in the world for international students, with British Columbia as a preferred destination for many international students.

Si Global Education uses our wide network and expertise to help Private International ESL Schools get fully qualified ESL teachers by providing access to our job board and data base. Recruitment is support by our many years of experience in both the Canadian and International School system.

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