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  • q-icon What can I expect after I have registered?

    After registration, you will have access to our job board and school database, giving you a direct line to the world of international teaching. In addition, you can post your resume and profile on our website for our partner schools to view. On top of all that, you’ll have the support of out dedicated team at SI Global helping you find the perfect placement as you take your career to the world stage.

  • q-icon What happens if I don’t want to stay for the whole year?

    Most contract terms run for a complete school year and come with an attached bonus for completion. Though it is obviously preferable for teachers to remain for their contracted period, if there is no other recourse than to leave, be it for personal or professional reasons, then our team at SI Global will work towards a solution that is best for both the teacher and the partner school.

  • q-icon What types of accommodations can I expect when going overseas?

    At SI Global, we’ve been through the process of being an international teacher, and we know how important it is to have a comfortable home to return to at the end of the day. Though accommodations will vary depending on the school and location, you can always expect a clean and safe place to live within walking distance to the school or along convenient public transport.

  • q-icon Do I need to learn a new language?

    No, you will never be required to learn the local language as part of your job description. Of course, it is always helpful to have some degree of language proficiency wherever you go, so it is worthwhile to put some time into learning what you need for basic communication. If nothing else, just learn these three: hello, thank you, and I’m sorry. You’ll be amazed how far they can get you.

  • q-icon What qualifications do I need to teach overseas?

    There are three basic levels of qualification for international teachers. A licenced teacher in your home province or state, has the widest variety of options available. Degree holders with a Bachelor’s degree or higher from a recognized university, are still eligible for many positions overseas. Finally, ESL certificate holders with a TESL, TEFL, CELTA, etc., are qualified to work at language centers.

  • q-icon Will I have to pay for my own airplane ticket?

    Many successful international educators began their careers with a desire to see the world, but without the funds to get off the ground. This is why all of our overseas SI Global partner schools provide a form of travel subsidy. While some schools may send you an e-ticket directly, others will allow you to purchase a ticket yourself which the school will reimburse up to a specified amount.