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SI Global Education specializes in making the complex process of design and delivery of an international school program easier by simplifying the hiring and on-boarding of new staff, smoothing the regulatory bureaucracy and saving your startup capital by making everything faster, simpler and easier.

Step 1

Join our education network, register your school, post your vacant positions, and search for teachers.

Step 2

SI Global Education will do a follow up assessment to confirm your needs, direction and collaborate on postings.

Step 3

Work with us to get curated, pre-screened, certified and highly qualified applicants for your employment postings.

Step 4

Complete the hiring process, finalize contract & travel arrangements, and prepare to receive your new teacher.

Integrated Consulting Services

Our staff is uniquely positioned to deliver integrated consulting services because of our decades of relationships with agencies, governments, schools, consultants, ministries, and licensing bodies.


    We have well established relationships and recognition with educational authorities and Ministries of Education to ensure clear and accurate processes to authorizations, certifications and accreditations.


    We are experienced in marketing and recruiting initiatives such as Parent and Student Seminars, Education Fairs and other events that lead to a greater awareness and interest in your school.


    Work with us to undertake school and program strategic reviews and planning activities that include educational, operational and financial aspects of your institution.


Our background and international global education network for program implementation, student and teacher marketing and recruitment along with program and school review and strategic planning is second to none.


SI Global education is a BC Ministry of Education recognized K-12 BC OffShore School Consultant as well as having staff also accredited as BC OffShore School Inspectors. This ensures our partner schools get the best possible support advise and direction leading to accreditation and certification enabling the official delivery of Ministry of Education curriculum. This also includes access to BC Certified Teachers.

Student Recruitment

Expanding student enrollment is important to any school as it grows and develops it's position in a competitive educational market. Our experience with organizing and leading parent and student presentations and seminars, on-line and print media marketing, and participation at student recruiting fairs and events puts our partner schools in a position to continue consistent growth year after year.

Strategic Planning

SI Global Education's staff has many years of program and school planning and development. This benefits our partner schools by having access to a wide arrange of activities such as individualized strategic and budget planning, program applications and start up, the recruiting of qualified staffing, local marketing and school promotions, and the required certification and licensing.

Ongoing Support

Along with the experience and expertise of helping our partner schools with individual needs for planning, application, start up, staffing, and certification; we remain committed to on-going support for the success of your school. We provide Annual reviews and recommendations on school operations, procedures and budgets, school timetabling and scheduling, and school staffing and teacher professional development and training.

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