Top 5 Destinations to Teach in The World

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Teacher’s Favorite Destinations

We are constantly asked which country is the best destination to teach English. The ultimate decision comes down to your personality type. Each culture and climate can be very different and one country might suit you more than another. Hopefully these will give you a better idea of what to expect and to help you find the most suitable place to teach.



Map of Asia a major destination for offshore schools and teachers

South Korea: South Korea is one of the hottest markets to teach abroad in 2016. The following are the key features of teaching in Korea:

  • PAY: With the high demand for English teaching jobs, the pay rate is higher than most ESL positions. These typically range from $2,000-5,000 USD per month.
  • BENEFITS: Benefits are a big incentive to teach in Korea, almost all schools and programs will include flight reimbursement to and from Korea, accommodation, Visa assistance, paid vacation and sick days as well as end of contract bonuses.
  • LIFESTYLE: Further, most teachers find themselves saving the majority of their pay cheques due to the low cost of living.

China:With the boom of the its global stature China attracts lots of young and new teachers with the high demand of Chinese citizens needing to learn English for their jobs.

  • PAY: With ESL vacancies at high, China is a great place to start your teaching career. Teachers in China earn a good salary and experiencing a very different culture than that of North America.
  • BENEFITS: There are many programs across the country that pay upwards of $3,000USD per month with benefits such as air fare, accommodation and contract completion bonuses.
  • LIFESTYLE: cool stuff

Japan: Much like South Korea, Japan attracts a lot of teachers because of its reputation of good jobs and quality of life.

  • PAY: Most entry level teachers can expect to $2,000USD per month.
  • BENEFITS: Although the cost of living can be pretty high, especially in Tokyo, there are many schools that reward long-term teachers with generous benefits and completion bonuses.
  • LIFESTYLE: Additionally, the Japanese food is an amazing gourmet and the culture and people are extremely polite and friendly.


Fly to worldwide destinations to teach

Middle East: Teaching in the Middle East has become very popular to Western teachers due to the incredibly large salaries that are being offered.

  • PAY: Annual contracts can range upwards of $80,000USD for experienced teachers with great benefits and no taxes.
  • BENEFITS: Most programs will cover your flights (round trip) as well is accommodation and even meals during school hours. Teacher completion bonuses are also included in most cases.
  • LIFESTYLE: Most Middle Eastern schools favour teachers with years of experience when filling jobs. Dubai, Qatar and Abu Dhabi are the most popular teaching destinations.

Spain: In the past few years, Spain has become one of the premier destinations to teach English.

  • PAY: Although the average salary is lower than that of South Korea and the Middle East, it offers a very enjoyable teach-abroad experience.
  • BENEFITS: Accommodation and meals are included in most contracts in Spain which can be a nice benefit in a country where the cost of living is higher than that of other destination. Visa assistance and completion bonuses are also included in most contracts.
  • LIFESTYLE: Securing a working Visa in Spain gives you the ability to travel Europe freely on your time off.

Job Eligibility and Requirements

  • Carry a passport from an English speaking country
  • Have a Bachelor's degree from a 3+ year University
  • Get a 100+ Hour TEFL certificate to be a certified teacher


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